A new notification feature has been added that will let the Twitter's Birdwatch users know about the impact their contributions make

In a recent tweet by the Birdwatch, it said that a notification feature has been brought in that will let the users know if their ratings were able to help in segregating the genuine information from misinformation. The tweet further added that for the feature to work properly, ratings are important and play a key role in elevating the contributions that were found to be informative by a diverse group of people. The aim behind bringing in this feature is to appreciate the efforts that are being done by the users and to let them know the impact their contributions make either it be through writing notes or by rating other users notes.

In a world where everyday brings something new to peoples knowledge, the biggest obstacle is to find which news is authentic and which is a fake one. In order to cope up with this situation and to keep the Twitter users updated with authentic news only Birdwatch was introduced by Twitter. It is a feature that was formed to combat any misinformation just like Wikipedia so they can flag any misleading tweets.

This new system lets the Twitter users to share and provide information related to the tweets of which they think are carrying misinformation. Birdwatch will not be open for everyone instead it was kept open for a small set of people not on the basis of their high profile but instead on first come first serve basis. In a statement given by the Vice President of Twitter, Keith Coleman he said that Birdwatch allows users to write notes about tweets carrying misinformation and said that this approach holds the potential to respond rapidly at the time of any misinformation getting spread all over.

Keith Coleman further said that while Birdwatch will be restricted to a different section, the company still aims to let the notes be visible for the general public on Twitter. The Birdwatch users are able to highlight the tweets by flagging them through a drop-down menu directly from the main interface of Twitter. These notes will not be kept hidden from others and the participants will be able to overview other users work as well so anyone performing malicious actives such as labelling a true tweet as false can be identified. Later these ratings are assembled in a separate profile of Birdwatch.

Last year, Twitter was facing an increased pressure due to the misinformation being spread through this platform, related to the ongoing pandemic. Twitter soon began to take down potentially harmful and misleading content from its server by March. And in May, Twitter introduced labels through which users can respond to tweets loaded with theories that were meant to misguide the public related to the vaccines and origin of the disease.

This is why, Birdwatch is an important step to eliminate such threats that have the potential to out break riots based on the intensity and in order to keep it working, Twitter needs the Birdwatch users to know that it really appreciates their efforts. This is why introducing the new notification feature is important.

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