After months of testing, Google is rolling out the dark theme for Search on web (but for a small set of users)

Dark mode is the most amazing layout designed till date. It is now being used by numerous apps and in many features and is obviously much popular all around the world. With the usage of dark screen mode, there are less blue lights getting emitted from the screen which causes less strain on the eyes. Dark mode started rolling out for Android phones back in 2016 and since then there has been no going back as users all over the world prefer to use their phones and devices on this layout than the original one. Daily used apps that feature the dark mode in their operating systems are Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and Google.

Google has introduced dark mode in each one of its features in chunks and not all at once. It rolled out the dark mode feature for Android devices back in May of 2020. The tech giant was testing out the dark mode feature for Google Search for quite some months and after testing it out the company has decided to finally roll out the dark mode feature for Google Search.

Google Search is the most used search engine out there and people when using the internet go through the search engine not once, but a number of times. So this from Google was an important step to launch the dark mode feature for its Google search. This new feature was discovered by Matt Navarra and the feature will soon first launch for the users of Windows 10 and macOS.

The dark mode will appear through a shortcut with a new icon that will be indicating the theme you are using at the moment. A sun avatar for the bright theme and a moon avatar for the dark theme. For this there will be section on settings to allow you to choose the theme according to your preferences. The name of the section will be ‘Appearance’ and when switching on to the dark mode, the whole screen will turn into a shade of black with the fonts in white. It has also been reported that the dark mode won’t only work for Google Chrome but also for other browsers likes Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. People are also anticipating that the dark mode feature may also work with other browsers as well like Brave and Opera. The feature is at the moment only available to some users region wise and will launch slowly to the world and not all at once.

Screenshot: Binaryfork

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