A new study of 430K participants reveals that there is a little or no connection between technology use and mental health problem

The Oxford Internet Institute performed a research on a comparison between different people who use TV, social media, and device and they are having the feeling of unhappiness, suicidal techniques, problems with their conduct. Many people think that depression has a strong connection with social media and TV viewing because most people get frustrated with the bad news their read or hear and that becomes part of their life. Over 430,000 youngsters from the UK and US became the participant in the study which used different questionnaires about dating back to 1991.

These are the key facts of the study:

According to this study, it found a small decline in connotation between depression and the extra usage of social media and TV viewing from 1991 to 2019. There was a little increase in that emotional issues and the usage of social media.

Prof Andrew Przybylski says that it is difficult to show the difference between the impact of social media and mental health in 2010 and 2019 and he does not state that some people who are happy have more usage of social media. He meant to say that the correlation between these two is not getting stronger. So indirectly, Prof says that his research was a warning to the legislators and officials that think that technology has a bad effect on the mental health of a person and the extra use of technology can make people mentally sick, that is not the case.

These are the key background of the study:

Technology is frequently attributed to mental health problems among children and youngsters. The issue along with increasing privacy and health online, command strong harmony among legislators who frequently spot the risk of addiction and anxiety. While there is research suggesting that social media and the use of the device is harmful to youngsters’ mental health, it is controversial, and the information is evolving and inadequate for newer technology.

These are the contradictions:

There were some points that were in the contradiction that technology has a bad impact on the mental health of children and teenagers as there is number of cases pointing to more injurious relationships. Those children who are at the age of 5 years were recommended by WHO that they spend more than 1 hour in front of the screen whether on TV, mobile devices, or computer to boost physical activity.

What is not known:

This research only assessed the time spent using the technology and did not inspect the way in which technology was being used and the study was mostly based on self-reporting which can be incorrect and controversial.

The further outcome of the study is that there is no proof yet that the connection between youngsters’ virtual technology commitment and mental health problems has risen according to Clinical Psychological Science.

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