YouTube Is Working On Four Really Cool Features for Its Creators

YouTube is one widely used video making and watching platform globally, with so many people using it to create and upload their video content. Considering this YouTube does realize that a lot pf people are content creators on their platform who upload videos on daily or weekly basis and therefore the tech giant makes sure to bring about changes which will be helpful for the creators and will be user friendly for them as well.

Creator Insider this week revealed that, YouTube is testing four new features for its users which will be helpful for them in managing their video content and uploads.

The first new feature which has been brought to our notice is captions in upload flow. YouTube is making it easier to enter your video captions at the same time you are uploading the video directly from the video element page. Previously this was not possible but now YouTube is giving you the options to do three really cool things while you are uploading a video. The first one is obviously what we talked about just now that you will be able to write your captions while uploading a video. The second one is that the tech giant now provides you an option to upload the caption file and the third being that you can now edit automatically generated captions on the video which will make yours and your viewers life so much easier because at times the automatically generated captions do not make any sense.

The second feature we have noticed is that YouTube is now providing third person parties to have support accessibility. This means that if a user has been granted access to a channel through the channel permissions they can request support on behalf of that channel via the YouTube Studio, through chat or email options if the channel is eligible for support.

The third new brought to our notice is that YouTube filters comments that it thinks can be hurtful to its creators. The tech giant realizes how positive comments can motivate you to create more and how negative comments can be a bruise to your work making you demotivated and therefore the company is working towards this new option which will hold comments that the company thinks are more hurtful than others in a review section that is “Held for Review Tabs” and will surface the positive comments to you. This option will appear at the YouTube studio right at the bottom and you can review these comments if you want to but the tech giant will show you a warning box telling you that the comments may contain offensive languages. Then you can view them or completely ignore them.

The fourth feature is that now the company through Studio Mobile and Shorts will give you the ability to watch what the typical performance of your shorts, what was the watch percentage how many likes it got and also compare it with your previous shorts to see how well it has done. This feature is great for users who upload content consisting of both long and short form of videos as they will be able to compare both in their respective categories.

YouTube is a great application and it has always provided us with the best feature. These new features and options certainly do look cool and we cannot wait to see what else it has in store for us.

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