You Can Now Create a Facebook Avatar Through Messenger

Facebook has been placing more and more emphasis on its alternative services, ostensibly since it recognizes that its flagship platform does not have the same pull that it used to not all that long ago. Facebook as a social media platform has been receding in popularity, and the company clearly wants to keep the users it has which is why it is trying to boost Messenger, Instagram and even WhatsApp since these are services that don’t have the name of their parent company stamped on them which might make it somewhat more likely that a few users here and there would be interesting in checking them out one way or another.

One thing that Facebook has started looking into is enabling its users to create avatars for themselves. This is not the first time that a social media platform has started looking into things like this. Much like many of the other features that Facebook eventually ended up incorporating into its own product design, avatars were first popularized by Snapchat though that platform referred to them as bitmojis.

Facebook is trying to make it so that avatars can move beyond its own platform by giving users an avatar creation tool in Messenger, as spotted by Matt Navarra. This is also possibly going to help certain users maintain anonymity online, although this is usually something that Facebook does not want to allow its users to end up being able to do. Either way, avatars will most definitely be a popular addition to Facebook’s list of features, and it will probably become more popular than Snapchat’s version even though Snapchat is where this feature originated.

Facebook’s attempts to shift more focus to its other properties is not going unnoticed, though, and there may be a time quite soon when the platform is superseded by its own subsidiary Instagram which will change the dynamic of the social media industry rather significantly.

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