Instagram Brings Two New Minor but Positive and Driving Changes on Its Platform

Instagram is one of the most well-known social media applications of the current times with millions of people using it throughout the world and this makes the company work towards improving their application making it a safe and secured environment as well as user friendly so that they can attract more users and keep their present growth intact as well.

With all this, the company brings about new changes every now and then and recently two new changes were seen on the application.

The first change that was observed by Ben Ward was rather small and probably missed by you before reading this post. Instagram suggests you post on the explore page as well as your news feed based on the information and content it believes you are interested in and recently a user observed something underneath one of the suggested posts.

Previously you could not know why the application was suggesting you the specific posts, it just did but a user of Instagram took it to his Twitter with a screenshot of his suggested feed which highlighted a small line which reads “because you saved a post from (name of the page)” explaining you why a post was being suggested to you and through what reference. He tagged Matt Navarra who is a social media consultant for further information.

The second new thing observed on the application was a new sticker which reads “Let’s get vaccinated”. Along with the emergence of the pandemic a lot of misinformation circulated around related to both the virus and its vaccine and social media was the best place to break all that. Therefore, social media companies took it upon themselves to stop the spread of misinformation and encourage people to get vaccinated so that we can fight this deadly virus as quickly as we can. The sticker is a part of the same campaign which will break the misunderstandings regarding the vaccination.

It is great to see social media companies coming forward at such hard times and helping the world fight the deadly disease as much as they can. The social media is the best place to fight of myths and misunderstandings because genuine information can be spread as quickly as false ones. Apart from this it is amazing that Instagram is bringing new and positive changes to its application and we cannot wait to see what it has in store for us in the near future.

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