Turkey’s Competition Board is fining Google $36.65 million for having a dominant position on the internet and not giving other promising companies the chance to come forward

No day goes by, when we don’t hear news that doesn’t involves Google. Through one way or another Google always manages to make sure that it is the talk of the town, no matter how positive or negative it can be. Through making its platform more useful and as much advantageous as possible, the platform does make some people mad on it. It was reported earlier this week that Turkey’s Competition Board is actually fining the multinational technology company more than 296 million lira or $36.65 million for apparently using its dominant position on the internet in its search engine services.

It happens very much often that when a company has been in at the top for quite some time, they tend to develop a dominant position unknowingly. Turkey’s Competition Board in a statement have said that Google has favored its own price comparison in exchange of accommodation and the local search services and not giving its competitors the change to do the same. Google will have to make sure to correct this system in the span of six months and also make sure that the other competitors are not put at a position of disadvantage. A report must be passed to the board every year by Google and that too for the next five years to ensure the smooth going of this process and that such an act does not happen again. The investigation which led to such results included Turkish Google Reklamcilik ve Pazarlama Ltd., Google International LLC, Google LLC, Google Ireland Ltd., and Google’s parent company Alphabet.

In March of 2019 the European Commission fined Google $1.69 billion for breaking the EU’s (European Union) anti-trust rules on online advertising. In February of this year, the very same authority that is charging Google now had fined Google TL about 98 million for almost the same reason, that is having a dominant position in the market that doesn’t give other competitors the change to compete. This is the same authority who last year in 2020 fined Google with TL 196.7 million or $25.6 million and accused Google of breaking the law by complication organic search results in the search market by placing unnecessary ads and also showing very unreliable results.

By the looks of it, Google has apparently been at the top for making people not like its actions and for doing what it has always wanted to do. Google has been that one company who has always come strong and even though giving other competitors a chance to showcase their services out in the world is a valid point, but in front of a company as huge as Google, it seems very unlikely for anyone to beat it.

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