Google Will Now Show the Vaccine Centers Near You On Search and Maps and Has Donated a Hefty Amount for the Vaccinations of Low and Middle Class Families

Since the pandemic emerged last year, tech companies have tried their best to provide people with the most authentic information and help them in all ways they can. When the pandemic initially started a lot of people started spreading ideas and knowledge related to the it based on what they have heard without any authentication and social media and search platforms tried to stop this by providing authentic information authorized by WHO on their platform to all their users. When the vaccine rolled out similar things happened and similar actions were taken. Among these social media companies was Google who provided information on its main page on how many Covid19 cases were infected in your country and also provided some health care knowledge related to it.

Now since the vaccine has rolled out globally Google had other purposes to fulfill related to it as well. Google announced a number of additional efforts it will be playing to ensure that the vaccine distribution achieves equity worldwide, like surfacing locations in Maps and Search.

Google and Maps will help people search where there is a vaccination outlet near their locality and if the vaccine at the current time is present there for people to get vaccinated. The company has made this information available in a few countries like US, Canada, France, Chile, India, and Singapore and hopefully this feature will roll out for other countries as well.

Apart from this is providing $2.5 million in grant funding to three organizations working on pop-up vaccination sites and other efforts. Partners in Health, Stop the Spread, and Team Rubicon are working directly with over 500 community-based organizations to serve Black, Latino and rural communities.

This effort is being done because Google realizes that though almost a quarter of United States has been vaccinated, vaccination rates vary by geography and community and to ensure that the facility for vaccination reaches everyone in the country the company has paired with community-based organizations and local health centers that have on-the-ground expertise and the trust of the people they serve.

The philanthropic arm is funding the amount of 250,000 US Dollars for low and middle class families to ensure no body because of less financial means gets deprived of vaccinations. is also providing Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance, with pro bono technical assistance to speed up the global distribution and committing $15 million in Ad Grants.

Lastly, the company is committing an additional $250 million in Ad Grants to governments and community/public health organizations, like WHO, to fund more than 2.5 billion vaccine-related PSAs.

This is a great initiative by Google because at such crucial times the world need as much help as it can get and it is nice to see big tech companies coming forward in whatever ways they can help.

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