Telegram is now coming up with another Clubhouse like feature where users can schedule their audio chats for discussion

Since the release of Clubhouse in August of 2020, the app has been able to achieve much success in a very short span of time. The main reason behind this success is the unique concept that the app came up with, the idea of invite-only audio chat rooms to host discussions and meetings in was very much well received by everyone and the app was able to gain many number of followers in a very short amount of time. The only downfall that came with this app was that the app is only for IOS devices and not for Android devices, even though the company is making the Android version for this app and is planning to release it soon too, it looks like it might take a little longer than expected.

Due to the unique concept which Clubhouse brought with it, other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter have tried to adopt this concept into their own as well but it clearly shows that it is the exact mimicry of the features that are present in Clubhouse already. A very well-known social messaging app, Telegram has tried doing the same as well. It has been reported that Telegram is soon planning onto launch a feature that will allow users to schedule their voice chats on the app, this feature announcement comes in weeks after the app launched the audio chat room feature. Both of these features that are mentioned are exactly the same things that are found in Clubhouse, this will for sure increase the competition between the two apps.

A website by the name of Testing Catalog confirmed this and also mentioned that this scheduling voice chats feature is still in the testing phase and the tool for now has only been made available to the channel administrators. This means that the feature is only available on the v7.7.0 Beta version of the messaging app. Once the user has scheduled a test, they will get to see a countdown timer banner displayed at the top of their screens to remind them about their scheduled voice chat. On the platform, the users and channel admins can also record voice chat sessions and share clips of the voice chat on the channel after it is over.

With the competition which other apps are bringing to the Clubhouse app, the app is trying to come up with more features that can guarantee the continued success of the app, this won’t be possible until and unless the app releases the Android version soon.

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