New Study Reveals that 9 in 10 of US Teens Want To Own an iPhone

As per a recent survey by Piper Sandler, Gen Z happens to be big fans of Apple products. The survey, in which over 7,000 US teens participated, revealed that 88% of teens currently own an iPhone and about 9 in every 10 teens hope to get an iPhone as their next smartphone. For what it’s worth, AirPods are in possession of nearly 70% of US teens.

The aforementioned numbers are a bit higher than the ones reported back in October i.e. 86% of teens claimed that they had an iPhone and 89% were aiming to get one.

It’s interesting to note that not only the young guns but a vast majority of the US population is fond of iPhones as well. Last year, Apple (82%) edged out Samsung (81%) in the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Moreover, data from ACSI revealed that Apple’s attempts to improve the battery life of their gadgets have left customers happier than before.

Piper Sandler’s latest study also contained some other interesting findings. For example, it was discovered that US teens still prefer to pay by cash. Apple Pay happens to be their second-best option for making any purchases.

Also, it was found out that American Gen Zs take interest in political and social movements such as the environment, racial equality, and Black Lives Matter. When asked about which social media apps they use the most, nearly 31% of the participants voted for Snapchat, followed by TikTok (30%) and Instagram (24%).

The survey also indicated that "Teens spend 32 percent of their daily video consumption on Netflix followed by YouTube (31 percent)". 56% of American teens also said that they love shopping on Amazon.

But that isn’t all! In fact, the study also included impressive stats pertaining to COVID-19 and its effects on the teens’ lifestyle. For starters, 42% of teens are completely virtual; furthermore, in-class participation surged from 24% (reported during fall) to 29%.

When it comes to vaccination, nearly 7 out of 10 teens plan on getting vaccinated the first chance they get. And to no one’s surprise, almost half (48%) of the responders expressed their wish to fly on a plane within the next 180 days.

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