Instagram is planning to show an icon whenever an audio will be trending on Reel and much more

Instagram has tested a new audio feature for reels and with this new feature, Instagram has taken another step forward to look a lot more like TikTok, as this new update will let the Instagram users to make entertaining fun videos through several tools.

This new update will not just only enable the users to save the audio from Reels, instead an icon will also be visible when an audio will be trending, as spotted by App researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, they can also share audio pages as well as can keep themselves updated with the trending songs through the new audio browser feature. Instagram Reel can let the users to upload their very own audio clips and can use Instagram’s audio library for music tracks. The saving method for audio tracks is the same as it is with saving posts on Instagram, just tap on the audio that needs to be saved, and at the top right corner of the screen, the save icon will appear, just tap on it and the desired audio will be saved. If the user wants to have an access to the audios that were previously saved, than they will be available in the saved section as well , where the saved posts are also present. These saved audios will be grouped together under the heading namely "audio" folder.

Unlike saved posts, that are just present in the saved section and can only be viewed and has no other purpose, the saved audio clips can actually be useful if a user plans to make a Reel video of their own , audio from other reels can be used only at that time, except the one that were saved long before, in the library. In order to use the saved audio Reels , only 3 basic steps are required to be taken. These basic steps start with opening the Instagram Reels present right next to the home button. Then just tap on the audio needed to be used and make it start playing and then tap the name of that desired reel and the redirect lead by Instagram will escort the user to an audio page where all the videos with that same audio will be accessible to the user. From there, the use audio option will let the user to cast that audio for the new post.

Another sub feature for this new update is that the whole audio pages that was created, could easily be shared through direct message or DM. The DM icon will be visible at the top of the audio page of the Reels that were made with that specific audio. And as mentioned above, a new audio browser feature is also under consideration by the developers, this highlight Reel section will be hosting popular audio tracks, under "For You" and “Trending” section in the audio browser.

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