Instagram is now working on the ability to search area wise hashtags and the possibility of muting some words in DM by adding a new filter option in the message section

Instagram is working on muting some words in DMs to filter the messages which we send to other people. Many social media platforms are now focusing to filter messages of the people because the number of harassment cases on social media has increased up to great extent, many people try to troll other users or bully them in comment sections and personal through DMs. Many social media platforms have given the option to limit the users so that only a limited audience can comment on your post; this can reduce trolling and bullying. Some people don’t care about the language they use, therefore, Instagram wants to filter the conversation and it will mute some words in DMs too and all those muted words will be collected according to the tweet of Alessandro Paluzzi.

You will be able to see the filtered message option in the message request section. When the filtration option will mute your words it will show a notification that "Message hidden based on your content control preferences". You may be able to add some words in the mute section if you don’t like such words.

Further, Instagram is working on another exciting feature which will allow users to search for hashtags in a certain area on the map. As we all know that Instagram is much famous while using hashtags and you can increase your viewership and engagement via hashtags.

You should know that hashtags works according to certain trends in the area and different areas have different trends. This feature will help you to find the hashtags that you want to target in a specific area. That will help many content creators to use such hashtags in their posts so as to get more engagement from people. This will also much helpful for local brands because these brands target a certain area. Hashtags are very important for brands because they can make or break their selling strategy, if they use them correctly, they can get their post seen by most of the people.

You will also be available to search nearby restaurants, cafes, and you can even search for your favorite shop in certain places. This feature can also help visitors or outsiders who don’t know about the likings and disliking’s of resident people and the popular places.

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