Instagram Is Improving the Ways of Communication for Business Accounts by Updating the Contact Information

Instagram is one of the most used social media applications in the social media world with a large audience that relies on it. The social media platform apart from sharing stories and updating your feed is the best social media platform for content creators and influencers as well as both small and large scale businesses.

The platform allows businesses to interact with their following and keep them updating about what is new with them while the content creators and influencers can upload content and collaborate with brands and through this earn a great amount.

All this collaboration between brands and creators and the public wanting to interact with the small and large businesses require a contact and while people can always DM, a more professional way of communicating has always been emails.

Instagram previously did not give business accounts on the platform an option to insert their emails and businesses and creators had to put in their emails in their bio for others to contact them through but things are changing now.

Instagram is now working on an option which will allow business accounts to show their contact information and emails on their profile. This feature was discovered by Alessandro Paluzzi who is a mobile developer expert and a known leaker for hidden features on apps. Paluzzi took this information to his Twitter with a couple of screenshots which showed what Instagram is up to with this feature.

The feature will allow users of business accounts to insert their contact information in their settings and enable to display the contact information on their profile.

After this most probably a feature will appear on your profile below your bio tapping on which will allow people wanting to communicate with you to email or text your directly as the app will open a page which will let you type an email or text.

Instagram realizes that a lot of influencers and businesses rely on its platform and therefore the company works day in and out to introduce features which will make it easier for them to communicate with the people who want to collaborate with them or people willing to buy off from their business and this is a great step by the tech giant which will make the communication a lot easier. If you are a business account and this option is still not available to you it may be because that the tech giant has not officially released this feature to everyone yet and may be under testing conditions or that your account is not updated to the latest version.

Instagram though has always managed to come up with great features and we are sure that we will be seeing some promising features in the future as well.

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