Beware! A New Verified Instagram Scam Is Making Rounds On Social Media

Matt Navarra the well-known social media consultant took it to his Twitter where he posted a link from YouTube of a video which claimed to show you steps to get your Instagram account verified within minutes. The video had a voice over of a probably girl where she demonstrated Matt's account as a test and showed a bunch of steps that people needed to follow in order to get their accounts verified.

Matt under his post wrote that this solves his confusions as why is he getting so many DMs on his Instagram related to getting accounts verified.

He clarified to the users that firstly the voice over was of a girl who claimed Matt’s account as her own and how she got it verified and since Matt is a guy it is clearly a fake video. Secondly Matt confirmed that the steps in the video were senseless because if you go to the tool it tells you to use it doesn’t ask for any passwords or login details but gives an error message saying “human verification check needed” then asks you to download and install software to finalize verification and asked his followers not do any such thing (which is definitely not recommended).

One of Matts followers on Twitter under that post commented that since Matt is verified already the person in the video is editing the HTML in their own browser to make it look like they got Matt verified and if a normal person opens the browser page the video has asked them to it will download a malware on their phone. On this Matt said that the user stands correct with his thoughts and told his users that if they follow through these steps their phone will be hacked with malwares.

People were also curious as to how Matt found out about this video on which he commented that a random follower of his found this video and told him about it in the DM for him to check it out.

It is creepy and weird that out of all the people the YouTube video makers could have chosen they chose Matt an already well known personality in the tech and social media world.

However, it is great that Matt stumbled upon this video and clarified it to his users that he has nothing to do with this and that is not the way through which he got verified and saved his users from getting their devices malware infected.

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