Google Photos Now Allows Users To Upload Pictures And Create Albums While Offline

A recent update to Google Photos now allows users to upload pictures and content to the platform even when offline.

Google Photos is essentially the company's way of providing a service much similar to the popular Google Drive, but instead of uploading files and folders, users now have a dedicated space for uploading their favorite photos and cherished memories. And what a space it is. With unlimited storage and the ability to upload pictures up to 16 megapixels and 1080p resolution, users finally have the perfect spot for storing their precious digital keepsakes.

Of course, this service comes with its limitations. One being that the unlimited storage and quality conservation of photos is a limited time offer and from the 1st of June, 2021, a limitation of 15GB will be applied. If users want to further increase storage space and upload pictures in their original quality, subscription packages must be purchased. The second limitation, and the topic of discussion in this article, is that pictures cannot be uploaded to the platform offline.

This naturally comes off as mildly irritating for the general userbase, considering that while internet is more easily available than ever nowadays, it still isn’t all encompassing. Especially for users looking to store photos while they’re on tours to more rural areas and the like, internet's hardly a reliable source. Again, this comes off as less of a deal breaker and simply more of an inconvenience that users would rather find a loophole around. Well, it seems that Google itself is quite willing to provide that loophole.

A new update to the Photos interface now allows users to upload pictures to the platform without the presence of an internet connection. This update was silently doled out across mobile devices, and was spotted by eagle-eyed reporters as the Android Police. The feature was found under the 5.37 build of Google Photos. Uploaded data can be sent to existing albums, or added to new ones, and once an internet connection returns, the photo albums will sync and backup.

Other than just the convenience that comes with uploading photos offline, especially when on one of those afore-mentioned tours, the feature also adds to a smoother user experience. No longer must users wait for old pictures to upload before starting something else on the platform. Now, albums can be simultaneously created while older photos are uploaded and/or synced up.

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