Google is now expanding its Lens feature beyond mobile and bringing it to the desktop web with OCR in Google Photos

Google is now bringing its Lens feature beyond mobile and making it available on the desktop web with OCR (Optical Character Reader) in Google Photos. The image recognition technology which people can use already on Android device will now enable the copying of text on images through optical character recognition on the desktop web in Google photos. The process of recognition of text on Google lens will keep the same animation of pulsating dots on the image. Remarkably, Google integrated photos to Google lens on the Android platform before this year to scan photos stored in the gallery. This instrument can be seen at the bottom of the screen with the share, edit, and delete option.

Google has adopted a new logo for its lens app that embodies the better functionality of its camera than ever before. As per 9to5Google, in Google Photos, when users try to open an image with written text on it, Google pop-up an option of copying the text from the image which you can find on the top right corner, available just next to option of share, zooming, and other types of icons. Selecting the "Copy text from image" option prompts the recognizable Google lens animation of pulsating dots on the whole part of the image, users have the choice to select which part of the text they want to analyze, they can also Deselect text from the top right corner and can select the text by highlighting with a cursor.

An optical character reader can be much helpful while analyzing the handwriting and printed text and it can convert it into machine-encrypted text. This tool is one of the Google lens most useful features and it is merely available on Google lens for desktop web, however, this feature is now not capable of recognizing the monuments so far, but still can help many people to explore their images and memories. The report says that it is the first time the lens has stretched from mobile to desktop web.

If you are using the Android device, you can find this when you use Google search image, while the mobile version of Chrome lets you hold down on any image for rapid examination. This feature will not just be helpful with photos for the web, but it will also be very convenient in the desktop Chrome browser or at least if you want to check whether it is available on your PC or not, go to and try to open such an image which has written text.

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