Google has added new emerging trends insights on Google Ads to help marketers adjust their campaigns according to the growing trends

Coronavirus did cause changes in every department worldwide. As literally everyone was bound to stay at home and quarantine themselves, they became more and more dependent on the internet for their chores. The increase in eCommerce that was seen last year has been tremendous. People have been buying every single thing through online platforms and this has made social distancing possible. Due to this, it has been a little difficult for the marketers to know about what the customers are really looking for these days so that they can build their campaigns accordingly and once again, Google is there to save the day by having everyone’s back! Google has introduced new emerging trend insights through Google Ads.

These new emerging trends insights through Google Ads will be based on the Google search activity, which will basically give the marketers to make changes in their campaigns and update their strategies in advertisements as well. Google will be displaying a chart that will show the rising search interests in the field the user is interested in, region wise along with giving more details of specific elements to help users get the most out of the latest opportunities. Google has said that as consumer demand is changing day by day it has become more important for marketers to keep up with it. They explained this by giving an example that when the pandemic started searches for ‘curbside pickup’ increased to over 3000%, and in the beginning of 2021 people have been searching more for ‘staycations’ and ‘watch party’, and based on this the marketers need to making their decisions related to it for their businesses as this is what the people these days are interested more in. That is the reason why Google came up with the Insights page and introduced it for testing last year to some countries to help marketers keep up with the emerging trends and stay at the top of their games, and now the Insights page has been launched globally to help marketers achieve their goals worldwide. During the testing phase of this in the beta version last year it was reported that many marketers did see success through this tool which then made Google launch this worldwide.

Along with introducing this feature, Google has recommended the marketers to review keyword, budget and bidding strategies to make the brand ready for emerging trends, to use broad match and Smart Bidding to help them reach the right customers, use Keyword Planner or keyword ideas based on the trends, and to plan inventory, promotions and landing pages all based on trending search interest. It has also been reported that Google has added a new tool that will make the recommendations given by Google to be added into the campaigns automatically based on the emerging trends. The process will allow marketers to choose from a variety of automated options for Google to then apply them to their campaigns. This will save a lot of time of the marketer and will help their consumers as well.

Along with emerging insights, Google has also announced that it's rolling out its dynamic exclusion lists in the coming days. What basically this new ads control option does is that it "will make it easier for advertisers to protect their ads from running alongside content that does not align with their brand or campaign". In a blog post Google further explained that, "Dynamic exclusion lists are just one more tool that advertisers now have at their disposal to protect their brands, grow their businesses and advertise with confidence."

How these tools will work out for marketers is still for us to see but we are sure that they will be beneficial!

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