Google Assistant Can Trigger Find My Phone Alerts on iOS Devices Really Soon

How many times has it happened to you that you forgot where you have kept your iPhone in your house and then you have to go through the hassle of finding it because we are a generation which prefers to keep our phones on silent and therefore cannot ring it up to find it.

Well, we have some good news for you. Google as of today has announced new automations and web features for Android and iOS on Google Assistant and the best part about it is that Apple users will now get the ability to locate their iPhones using the Google Assistance.

While Android users have this feature for long in which they can locate their phones through Google Assistant by triggering a sound on their phone but this is relatively new for iPhone users. This feature is similar to Apple's Find My feature. This feature will allow you to track your iPhone only if you have the accessibility of Google Assistant-enabled smart speaker and the accompanying Google Home app on your misplaced phone.

But how can you find your phone through Google Speakers and Google Home App and what will it do to find your phone?

To find your iPhone just tell your Google Assistant enabled speaker that “Hey Google, find my phone" and the Google Home App on your iPhone will trigger an alert beep on your phone which will help you to locate it.

But the question stands that you could trigger a sound just by ringing up your phone from another one but you did not because your phone was on silent. So how will this feature make the alert sound audible if your phone is on silent?

Well, Apple offers some applications to use a condition called critical alerts. The critical alerts are special notifications that can break through Do Not Disturb or silent modes on your phone and create an audible sound for you to hear but applications who use critical alerts need a special license that is acquired through Apple and Google has managed to receive it and therefore has launched this new feature for iOS phones.

Apart from this feature on iPhone, Google is coming up with some new features like “Assistant Routines”. This feature will help the users to perform multiple actions at once with a single command automatically and another feature which will be launching really soon is the Duplex update which will make ordering takeout and delivery easier with partner restaurants.

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