Facebook conducted a survey to highlight strategies for marketers on how they can benefit their brands during the month of Ramadan

To see how the Muslims of the world are celebrating Ramadan this year, and how that will be impacting their online activity over the course of next few weeks, Facebook partner shipped with YouGov, a market research firm, to help it conduct a survey to know that. The survey consisted of 17 thousand people and through that Facebook has been able to gain insights over how the majority of the people will be spending their Ramadan this year and what their activity online will look like. This can greatly help marketers all around to know what the audience is looking for this year and connect with them as well.

As explained by Facebook, that people all around the world would want to come together to share their joy on this holy month, whether virtually or while maintaining social distance, and through this we will be seeing newly discovered things and different shopping behaviors. Facebook says that through this the marketers need to know how to launch their campaigns while keeping the basic Ramadan guidelines in the view. The many key points which Facebook presented in its detailed Ramadan marketing guide firstly included the impact that COVID-19 will bring in Ramadan and the different approaches towards shopping that will be taken due to it while keeping the precautions in mind.

Facebook pointed out the rise in the eCommerce business throughout the pandemic and said that the demand of consumers to browse and shop safely online has been much greater than before, and is also allowing the consumers to discover more and then purchase the items of their choice both safely and conveniently. Facebook has suggested these brands to look for tools that can provide with online ordering and even curbside pickup options as much as possible. To do all these by keeping the eCommerce rise in mind and by using Facebook’s ad tools to gain more attention of larger audiences online. Along with all this Facebook has also given notes and case studies to support each one of these points in the guide, one of the examples was of Maybelline Vietnam and how they used the Facebook Live feature to connect virtually to a huge part of audience.

Virtual options like such definitely connect more people than usual and will help more with the campaigns. The guide that Facebook has provided to the marketers with the help of the survey conducted by YouGov, basically helps the marketers on how they can use certain opportunities to their benefits and grow more audience by connecting with them through their different celebrations.
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