Epic Games Throws Shade At Apple Over its Monopolistic iMessages Strategy

Apple is one of the most renowned mobile phone companies around the world and since the company has an established name it also has its own established rules. Rules which do not sit well with some other companies and are a sole reason as to why they fight Apple over it.

We all are aware of the ongoing conflicts between Apple and Epic Games, firstly for the reduction of marketplace fees for developers on the App Store and then later when it did not obey Apple’s policy on asking user consent for taking and storing data because of which Fortnite was banned on the App Store. But that is not all because now Epic Games have come up with another court filing against Apple opening a new case focusing on the Apple feature of iMessages exclusively.

It is known that Apple has its own features and workings which are different from Android phones which makes sure that Apple users do not jump from their services that easily and while some features work okay in this context there are certain features that have proven to work wonders in maintaining the user stability on their devices. Among one such feature is iMessages.

The Epic Games have accused that Apple's use of platform lock-in to create a monopoly that keeps users reliant on the App Store and In-App Payment system. According to the brief excerpts of Epic Games filed in court the tech giant is has recognized the power that iMessage has to attract and keep users within its ecosystem and when it was asked to introduce iMessages in 2013 on the Android phones it declined. According to Epic Games Apple has no technical limitations in introducing iMessages on Android but the tech giant knows that it would hurt the company if it made software available that removes an obstacle for people that may otherwise want to use Android and will give iPhone families a chance to buy their children Androids. As a result, Apple sale rate will decrease.

The main objective of the case that Epic Games stands with is that Apple is showing unfair business practices toward developers which may make Apple look bad on public opinion but its practice is not illegal and therefore there are chances that regulators will not be drawn much towards this case. In short it is less likely that you will be seeing iMessages on Android any time soon.

H/T: Reddit.

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