Desktop Version of Twitter Spaces Is Expected to Release Soon

Clubhouse is an audio chat room which was introduced last year in April and has since then taken the social media world by storm with its popularity. The application allows you to host audio chat meetings which thousands of people can join and discuss matters and topics of their choice and give their point of views and thoughts on the matter. The invite to a chat can only be accessible if you have an invite link and the host will allow who to speak and while others can sit and listen.

Considering how competitive the social media world can be other applications take no time in introducing their own versions of something that gets popular and given Clubhouse’s popularity it was no time before other social media applications introduced their own similar versions. Clubhouse rival’s like Discord and Telegram have released their versions. Facebook, LinkedIn, Mark Cuban's Fireside, Slack, and Spotify are said to have developing their own iterations and Twitter has already introduced its feature “Spaces” which was tested on iOS first and then Android and after Discord announced its version on April 1st, Twitter for Spaces has let the public know that they are working on a desktop version as well.

Reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong in a tweet showed how the Twitter Spaces on desktop looks like and she also enlightened the public that if the desktop versions on your web works it will definitely be working on the web of your mobile too. However, Twitter has not given an official date as to when this version will be releasing for desktops and it may be a few weeks before the finalized version is released so you may be seeing some changes in the final version probably from what you are seeing now in Tweets.

Apart from this Twitter has introduced some other features on their platform like Fleets. Earlier this week, Twitter added some new features to its Fleets — its disappearing posts feature like Instagram and Snapchat stories. Users can now add stickers in the form of GIFs and Twemojis.

The question stands though that will Clubhouse be able to maintain its popularity it has since its launch because Twitter has already a lot of following on its platform and there are chances that many people will favor Spaces over Clubhouse, but Clubhouse can also maintain its popularity if it plays the right cards.

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