Apple's Tim Cook in an interview discussed various topics from the company’s new App Tracking Transparency system to its soon to be up legal battle against Epic Games

The world knows Tim Cook as the current CEO of the multinational giant tech company Apple, but they also know him for his candor. Tim Cook has always been nothing but honest in all of his interviews and doesn’t shy away from passing his remarks on other tech companies as well. Coming up in the news every now and then is Apple’s soon to be launched iOS 14.5 with its new App Tracking Transparency. The App Tracking Transparency is basically developed to allow the users to have a control over how their data is being viewed, tracked and shared for ad-targeting purposes. Apple has faced quite a huge amount of backlash due to this feature and is continuing to be getting so as many social media platforms and their earnings will be getting hugely effected by this. The CEO of Apple recently did an interview with Toronto Star and there Mr. Cook talked about the company’s new App Tracking Transparency to provide more security and privacy of the users and the ongoing legal battles with other apps. Currently, Apple is fighting a legal battle with Epic Games also the gaming software that developed the widely loved and popular all around the world game ‘Fortnite’.

Epic Games is an American video game and software developer founded by Tim Sweeney in 1991. The company is based in Cary, North Carolina. Epic Games has an ongoing legal battle with Apple over its App Store policies. The battle is on the fact that Tim Sweeney of Epic Games wants developers to offer their own payment systems in apps on the App Store; whereas the Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines have stated that apps can use Apple’s in-app purchase system but direct payments through the systems is strictly not allowed. Tim Cook’s reply to Epic Games' theory is that it will turn the App Store into a flea market. Tim Cooks believes that the App Store will not meet with such a huge audience on that type of policy and this will be bad not only for the users but majorly for the developers as well as they will not have an audience to sell their products to.

The bench trial is all set to begin from May 3 in Northern California federal court and Tim Cook feels confident that Apple will for sure win in this lawsuit against Epic Games as long as the company is ready to show every facts related to this clearly.

Photo: Mason Trinca / Reuters
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