Apple is working to provide more social features to its iMessage to give a strong competition to Facebook

As the tension continues between the two tech giants Apple and Facebook regarding the changes of the privacy policy by Apple in the upcoming update of iOS 14.5 in which the advertisers will have to ask for permissions from the users in order to track their data and it is probable that most of the users will not give the permission to many advertisers and Facebook is one of them. After these privacy changes, Facebook considers Apple as its major competitor, and now Apple is working to provide more social features to its iMessage service that will help to compete with Facebook messaging products like Messenger or WhatsApp, according to the report of Bloomberg.

This could be bad news for Facebook because Apple has already a major fan following and more people can shift to the new features of iMessage instead of using WhatsApp and Messenger because there are already major allegations on WhatsApp and Messenger regarding data leakage. It is still not mentioned in a report by Bloomberg that what types of changes that Apple is considering to launch and when it will roll out to its users, but still many people are hopeful that Apple will launch some major changes or feature can give a tough competition to its rival Facebook especially after this data changes feud between the two tech giants.

Mark Zuckerberg has already said that as the iMessage is pre-installed on iOS devices; therefore, more people will give it a priority with private APIs and permissions that is why it is mostly used in the US. Facebook is now focusing on end-to-end encryption on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger as it can maintain the privacy of its users because many people had concerns over the privacy issues on Facebook and its owned apps, as the CEO believes that the future of communication can shift to privacy, encrypted services. Apple is consistently introducing more privacy features on its device and it will require the makers of the apps like Facebook to expose the data in "nutrition labels" on every app page in the App Store, however, Apple says that iMessage does not gather the data like Facebook.

The point of view of Facebook is that the step that Apple is taking is to provide focus on its own digital services and to discourage other apps like Facebook. Apple will pitch the new social features in iMessage services like privately sharing updates, photos, and videos to close friends and family. Both companies are planning to compete with each other in augmented reality headsets and glasses that can abolish the need of using mobile devices, tablets, or any other gadgets in the future.

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