App researcher reported that the beta version of Whatsapp is testing the Chat Migration feature for its Android users

Whatsapp is the most used messaging app out there; it is an American app that is owned by Facebook now. The social media app was released in February of 2009 and was bought by Facebook in February of 2014 for a total of $16 billion. Since the beginning of 2021, the tech giant has managed to make its way into every news through one way or another, whether it is public backlash or general praise for the app. The app received a huge amount of backlash from people all over the world due to its data policy that aid that Whatsapp will be receiving the data of each one of its users and if failing to agree to these rules the app will remove those users form its platform, the app did put this confusion of its users aside.

WABetaInfo, a site where news related to Whatsapp, has reported that the beta version of Whatsapp for Android is testing out a new chat import feature. For users switching from iOS to Android, this can be a useful feature if they use Whatsapp, as at first in order to transfer your data from IOS to Android, users would have to use third party apps and the usage of third party apps is against Whatsapp’s policy.

With the help of this feature, IOS users can transfer their chats and other data as outside media to their Android devices and import with the help of Whatsapp, but with all things aside on how useful this feature will be. It has also come through WABetaInfo that this feature will only be available or will roll out when Whatsapp’s multi device feature will release. The multi-device feature will let you use your Whatsapp from multiple devices all at once and will not restricted to just your phone and desktop. There hasn’t been much assurance to when this feature will be released. Along with this it has also been reported that the Facebook owned messaging app is also testing out another feature that brings various playback speeds for voice messages on Android and this feature has also been already released with the new Whatsapp beta version update.

Even though the tech giant did receive a huge amount of backlash at the beginning of this year, it is still the most used and loved app out there and people feel the most comfortable when using it. Whatsapp from time again and again has proved to make sure that it remains the number one messaging app out there and it has also done so and maintained its mark that way.

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