A new search feature is going to release in Google Photos

During the years of Google Photos, new search features has been introduced to easily locate the photos. As per tipster Jane Wong, Google is currently working to upgrade its search tools.

For now, the users can check the library for unique items such as images of pets, vehicles, people, locations, and many more. Google photos will use AI and categorize them so that it will be easy for people to locate them whenever they want without any effort. One can search several items in the search bar like images captured in Toronto, but the results will get complicated as long as the searched item is complex. This latest Google Photos feature would greatly enhance the app's search functions.

Wong posted a screenshot on Twitter that displays the latest search feature of Google photos and how it works. This feature will allow users to search for several filters in one go. By applying multiple filters at the same time, it will much easier to find the searched photo.

The new app feature is likely still in development, but it appears to be nearing completion, so it can be expected that it will be included in a potential Google Photos update.

Google Photos has always been number one app when it comes to photo management. Google Photos include archives, map search, memories, and album. All these features allow users to compile photos according to their own choice. The photo management app also enable users to create collages, GIFs, and movies for the sake of memories. It is compatible with Android devices and provides limitless cloud storage for images and videos, but this might upgrade and new changes will be made. iOS users can also avail this app, all they need is a Google account to sign in and get the app.

The team behind Google Photos is working hard to launch a couple of new features for the users. Recently, a number of features has been introduced into the app including Video editor. The image editor feature is also updated for enhanced functionality. Changes were seen on the tablet version of the app as well. No other photos managing app can surpass the top rated Google photo app.

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