A fake app, WhatsApp Pink, that can steal user data by gaining access to phone is circulating on WhatsApp Groups

A scam has been going on WhatsApp platform through an imposter app namely WhatsApp Pink. This WhatsApp Pink is completing its rotation and has a potential to hack in to the user’s data by allowing the hackers to have an easy access to the smartphone of that user. Just like any other scam this scam also begins with someone receiving a fake link through a message. This link baits the user that by opening up this link, they can unlock a new feature on WhatsApp by updating the currently running app in to a pink coloured one. After falling for this, when the user opens up the link, they are redirected to a page with a download option available under the WhatsApp Pink app. This app has no link with the Facebook not even with WhatsApp itself.

Rajshekhar Rajaharia, a cyber security researcher posted in his tweet to share the on going scam of WhatsApp Pink. Backing up his claim, a number of screenshots were also present to show that how this app can force a user into believing that the interface of this chatting app, WhatsApp, could be changed into an other theme colour. He further added that once this fake application makes it way to the User’s phone, the user starts receiving a notification containing a link to download the app, but in real, it is actually collecting user data and achieving the aim to gather the information of as much as possible. Furthermore he said that the wide range of targets attacked by WhatsApp Pink, were mostly Police officers or media person holding information. Initially, the police officers of Delhi and Rajasthan, were the one to receive this. According to Data Ram Yadav, a law enforcement official, he told Rajaharia that the fake link message got his eyes when he first saw it being forwarded in the police group of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp came forward with a response to this ongoing scam and said that anyone is susceptible of receiving such unusual, suspicious, and uncharacteristic messages on any service including e-mail as well. And whenever such situation arises WhatsApp will encourage its users to be cautious before proceeding forward to responding. WhatsApp also suggested it’s users to take advantage of the tools being provided to them within the app through which such messages or contacts could be blocked and reported.

Those who circulate the message are the one who used another link for themselves however it is for the own good of user to not open any kind of links claiming to change the interface. WhatsApp is not going through this for the first time, previously users were attacked for their data through another similar app called as WhatsApp Gold.

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