Whatsapp is soon to release many new exciting features, some of which have already been seen on its rival app, Telegram

WhatsApp is a messaging app that allows users to send messages and make calls through various means and also to share images, locations, documents and other media with their friends. The app was released in February of 2009 and was bought by Facebook a few years back in February of 2014.

In January of 2021, WhatsApp faced a huge amount of backlash from its users everywhere in the world, the reason for that was that WhatsApp updated its new privacy policies which made its users think that the social media platform will now be receiving all the private messages, data and and other media which the users share with anyone and not only that but the data will be shared with Facebook as well, since then WhatsApp has been seen to update its features very carefully and to puts its users' motion first even though the social media platform has always put their uses comfort first but due to the public backlash, WhatsApp is now bringing new and unique features to the table very frequently. Due to this WhatsApp lost many of its users to its rival company Telegram which is also seen to be releasing new features specially after this public backlash, as mentioned WhatsApp is seen to be very careful with whatever they release and the new features that WhatsApp has brought up to the table right now have received much love and attention.

The recent feature that has been spotted is that WhatsApp will soon let the users change some colors of the app on their respective devices, such as text color and icons, this feature is similar to one which is already available on Telegram. According to WAbetainfo, this feature is already in the testing phase and the screenshots provided of this feature from the testing phase is very much similar to that of Telegram themes. The details of this feature hasn't been released yet but if it is in the development phase then that means it will become available to the general public as well.

It has also come to notice that WhatsApp is soon to release a whole bunch of exciting features. One of the features that is for sure to release is one where the messaging app will allow the users to listen to their audio notes at a faster speed something which has been seen on the Telegram platform for quite some time now, along with this another feature which has been reported is the one where users can backup their data stored in cloud which will be protected with a private password chosen by them, this will also be applied to local backups which occur everyday at a particular  time.

These above mentioned features are for sure exciting to hear and will be in much use by the users once released.

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