iPhone 12 found to be sluggish in 4G/5G service testing

According to the Opensignal report, in 5G/4G speed tests, the iPhone 12 is found to be sluggish than almost all the Android phone. In the United States, a recent study from Opensignal presents a raw image of how 5G output on the iPhone 12 lineup compares to Android smartphones. Samsung tops the market when it comes to fastest 5G smartphones. Whereas, iPhone 12 experience 2.3x increase in its 5G speed over its 4G iPhone speed. In terms of average download speed, Apple's first 5G iPhones were at the edge of the rankings. Almost 25 Android mobile phones lead in 5G speed.

This week, Opensignal published a new study on 5G quality in the United States by smartphone model, with Samsung's new Galaxy S21 5G leading the list with a 56 Mbps combined 5G/4G download speed. One of the most interesting fact is that Samsung accounted for 60 percent of the top 25 5G smart phones.

The second position was taken by TCL's Revvl 5G with an average speed of 49.8 Mbps. OnePlus's 8T+ came in seventh position with an average speed of 49.3 Mbps. In 25th position, LG Velvet 5G ends the list with 37.8 Mbps 5G average speed.

It seems shocking that iPhone 12 is nowhere in the list. iPhone 12, being the first ever 5G supported Apple phone remain behind to its competitors Android phones, which is undeniably depressing for iPhone users.

iPhone 12 Pro operates at 36.9 Mbps average 5G speed while Pro max had an average speed of 36.2 Mbps. The average 5G speed of iPhone 12 and 12 mini is further slow.

Opensignal states that overall, a 2.3 times improvement has been recorded in 5G speed as compared to 4G speed of iPhones. This is because of the Intel modems rather than Qualcomm modems. In the US, the increase in 5G speed of iPhone gives a tough competition to its competitors such as Samsung and Oneplus.

The reason why iPhone models are slugging than Android phones is the RF design. Even after using Qualcomm modem, Android producers remain behind when it comes to RF design as smartphone specifications other than the modem affect 5G/4G quality.
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