Now You Can Time Travel Through Google Earth Time-Lapse Mode

Now, this is very exciting news for all the time travel lovers, if you want to go back to the olden times and see where and how your forefathers lived. Just open the Google Earth app on your Android smartphone because Google is conducting experiments for a time-lapse mode for time-traveling which will show you the historical data through which you can see in the past.

But the feature is hidden for now and a developer named Kyler discovered it through some experimental settings.

Up till now, the feature can show the past in aerial view till 1984 in some regions and up to 1930s or 1940 in some countries, but the team at Google is trying to make it take you further back, maybe an 80 year period, along with the 3D view, street view and much more. Whew, that is surely a lot of time.

Also if you want to try the feature, you must have a deeply rooted phone and have to make some manual changes and modify the app preferences or other terminal commands. Nevertheless, it can be a risky thing. So if your not a code-savvy then it's better to wait till Google officially announce something about this feature.

Do you know that even now the desktop version of Google Earth which is called Google Earth Pro has so many more features that the Smartphone, Android/iOS, or others don’t have.

It is also said that the satellite images outside of the United States may not be clear due to a lack of detailed satellite imagery.

Google earth was launched in 2001, back then too the satellite image of your own house at your computer was nothing less than a miracle for the people 20 years back. The time travel feature is currently in testing or you can say “experimental mode” for now.

The official release of the feature is not yet known or if it will be made a permanent feature in the application but it will not be rolling out anytime soon considering the polishing the feature needs.

Stay tuned for more!

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  1. I've been using the historic imagery on desktop version for ages now. It's pretty sweet even if not everywhere is covered for all years or that older images are blurry. I was disappointed when I couldn't find it on the mobile app. 😕 Also at one point you could create 3D objects and import them into Google Earth. That was fun. Basically how the 3D views started.

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