Data Shows How Much File Sizes of Mobile Games Have Increased in the Past Few Years

With the evolving technology, mobile phone a mere tiny device in our hands now contains the whole world inside of it and has evolved in terms of gaming as well. It is true that people use games on computers as a form of intense gaming and are very loyal towards their gaming PCs but it does not break the fact that mobile phones also now contain some intense heavy load games.

With the evolution in mobile games and people spending a lot of time on App Store trying to find good and engaging games, mobile developers are releasing heavier games year after year and a good 76 percent increase in the average file size has been noted in the US App Store.

This news came from Sensor Tower, who analyzed the top 100 revenue generating mobile games on the US App Store every year since 2016 and observed each title’s file size (not including additional content) based on storage requirements at the end of the year, every year.

Sensor Tower highlights the fact that the average size for mobile games on the US App Store was 264 MB previously, now it has increased to 465 MB in 2020. The growth in average median size was even more with a rise of 102.6 percent in the last five years, the growth rising from 147 MB to almost 299 MB.

There were several games that rose with a great percent in different categories, like Roblox which became the top grossing game in 2020 on the US App Store with a rise of 20 percent over the years and now is at a size of 222 MB.

Fortnite became the second largest growing game in respect to file sizes and had an increase up to 315 MB before it was removed from the App Store due to some reasons. DoubleDown saw the largest growth in file size, with a 107% increase over the past few years. CSR Racing 2 was the game with the largest file size in the top 100. Zynga’s title requires 3.8 Gb of storage space.

While there were some great increases in the sizes of games, a few games here and there were lowered down in sizes as well. Like the game Candy Crush which has been one of the top playing games for the past couple of years decreased in size by 17.2 percent to a file size of 225 MB.

All the above mentioned games have a file size in megabytes but there are a couple of games on App Store like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile, and Genshin Impact which have a size greater than 1 GB storage show that developers are continuously trying to bring bigger and complex games to the mobile devices through App Stores. While we have seen a great amount of such games we cannot wait to see what the tech future holds and much development we will see in the mobile gaming world in the coming years.

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