New study reveals employees want to work remotely, at least some of the time, ushering in a new era for businesses (infographic)

The pandemic brought with itself a huge lifestyle shift. With the entire world locked within the four walls of their homes and offices and schools literally moving within homes with online schooling and work from home as the new set up, a lot changed a year ago and what people’s preferences were back then and are now.

When the lockdown initially started we all thought this was for a few weeks and we will be back to our normal lives soon but it took a year for things to finally make sense as they used to and now when offices are opening back up full time a majority of people are not happy about it.

Call it the lockdown making them lazy or people just liking working from home more the Harvard study revealed that out of the 1500 professional workers they surveyed 81 percent of them do not want to fully go back to the office and will prefer a hybrid system which allows them to work from home a few shifts while they can work the rest of the shifts within the office environment. 61 percent from the survey would prefer two to three days as work from home as well while 27 percent said that they wish to work from home full time. One sole reason for this could be because when the survey was taken it was revealed that one out of every three workers believe that working from home has improved their quality of work and have made them more focused, all of which makes them complete their tasks and projects before or on time rather than in comparison to the pre lockdown period. However, 18 percent of the people wished to return back to the office full time as they preferred working from office more as it made them feel more focused or because they miss their work pals.

The pandemic has changed the mindset of a lot of people in many different ways and it has opened the doors of a different lifestyle for people compared to the one they were used to and people have different opinions about it. While some enjoy this new life more there are a couple of people which want their old life back. However, what we wish is for the pandemic to get over soon and life to get back to normal. Until then mask up and stay safe.

Take a look at this infogaphic for more insights:
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