Microsoft Edge Introduces Two New and Handy Features

Microsoft has been working towards improving their applications by introducing new and unique features every now and then. The applications want their space to be user friendly and want to attract new growth in users on their software as well, hence it has recently been working on better and more amazing features.

Recently Microsoft Edge introduced two new features in its browser. Firstly, they are working towards continuing to improve the PDF reader in Edge Chromium. After adding some new features in the PDF reader including the text comment option, the company is now moving forward towards adding a video comment option on a selected text as well.

But what will be the purpose of this feature you must be thinking?

Well, consider for example you want to email a certain pdf file to your colleagues about a project you all are working on but want to explain a certain paragraph or line in detail or about the plans you have about that document thoroughly. You can simply add a video link on it and later your colleagues can open up the link, play the uploaded video and understand what message you are trying to get across. This will make life very easy specially in times of corona where working from home is the new normal and you cannot hold meetings to discuss everything.

So if you find this feature interesting the next thing you want to do is understand how this feature works or how you can access it. Well worry not we got you covered.

To enable the feature simply,

Launch Edge Canary browser and visit edge://flags page. Search for “Add video comments in PDF”.

Click on the dropdown arrow and select "Enabled" for the result and restart the browser. Next open a PDF in Edge, select some Text. Hover over with mouse to see the mini context menu.

Select Add Video comment. Insert the video link and click the tick arrow to save and save the changes to the document before sharing with others. Then You can check the video comment working or not by selecting the “Play video comment” option in the selected text context menu. Simple as that!

The next feature, as spotted by TechDows, which Edge is working towards is giving you the accessibility to import passwords on the browser. While previously it only allowed you to export saved passwords from its Password Manager Settings to a CSV file, finally now in the Edge Canary 90 it will allow you to import passwords on the browser.

To import passwords in the browser first you will have to enable the feature. To do that simply go Launch Edge browser and visit edge://flags then search for "Password import". In the next step click on the dropdown arrow for the highlighted result, select “Enabled” and restart the browser.

Once the option is enabled you can import passwords on the browsers.

In order to import passwords on your Edge browser go to edge://Settings/passwords and then scroll down to Saved Passwords.

Click on the More actions (three-dot) icon and select “Import Passwords” then click the Choose file option. Select CSV file and click Open. Your work is done.

In case you want to export passwords that are saved from the browser to CVF files you will have to click on Export passwords instead of Import Passwords in the third step.

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