Instagram to Give Users Control Over Whether or Not They Want to Display the Numbers of Likes

Instagram is among one of the world’s most used applications and the developing company brings about new features and updates every few weeks to keep the application interesting in order to keep their user growth intact and growing. In between all of this Instagram does realize that social media pressure and complex is a real thing and people do get intimated or feel low about themselves because of all the perfect things they see online, hence in order to minimize it Instagram is playing its part.

Instagram since last year has been testing a feature which hides the like count of users. This testing has been going on in a number of regions and few people are a part of the test. Those people cannot see the number of likes on their own pictures neither can they see the number of likes on the pictures or posts of others. The likes are displayed in a sentence saying “Liked by (username) and more.” However, those under testing can click on “more” on their own posts to see who has liked it, though the numbers will still not be visible but you can always count if you have the time.

But the question occurred that since this testing has been going on since about a year now why the social media company has not reach a decision. Instagram Chief, Adam Mosseri enlightened the public about why the company has not reached a decision yet. The social media’s chief said that the plan for testing has been re prioritized again because previously it was affected by the ongoing pandemic and that is why a lot of new people were included in the testing this past week which created a havoc on the internet. However, that glitch was restored immediately by the company and only those previously under testing were included. Apart from this, the company is testing a broader experiment on this feature for the public.

Instagram realized that their might be a possibility that everyone will not be happy with the switching off the display of the likes because while a majority of people think that this is a great idea because the race for likes have caused a lot of mental health issues but the same likes are an indicator for performances for brands, influencers and content creators and those likes can be the means of earning for them. Therefore, the application is working towards forming an option which will give user the control over whether or not they want to display their likes or not as shared by the app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi.

Users will be able to hide likes on posts while posting and in retrospect. It will also allow users to hide likes from other people’s posts.

However, no certain decision has been made about this feature as it is still under testing and there is a lot Instagram wants to know and it is also not known when this feature will launch. But what we do know is that this feature might be popular among the public if launched with giving the user control over whether or not they want to hide their likes and therefore it is most likely to be hitting your screens sometime in the future.

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