Instagram Is Experimenting With Automated Captions for Stories

If you follow a lot of influencers on Instagram, you will know that they upload a lot of content updating you about some things on their stories and at times it can be hard to sit and listen to all of it. Also sometimes because of language barrier and accent differences people do not understand a few words that are being said on the stories. So what some influencers do is they write down wat they have said in each story in the form of a caption to make it easier for them to get their point through.

Well, if you are an influencer who does this or just someone who is very active on their stories we have got some great news for you. Instagram in September last year introduced an automated caption for the IGTV video and now the social network is testing the same for their stories format.

Instagram is currently working towards launching a “closed caption” sticker for their stories which will show automated captions on each of your story with a writing in text about whatever you are saying and this will be available in four different formats.

Matt Navarra who is a social media apps researcher, took it to his Twitter to show the world how this feature works. Matt in a video explained that the automated caption generator would be accessible from the sticker options on the story. Once it is selected you will see a note saying “Transcribing audio” on your story and finally the captions will appear on each video story with the exact words you are saying in it.

Instagram is providing four different formats and fonts for playing the automated caption generator that include typewriter-esque block text, larger words for added emphasis and basic block letters.

Instagram launched a similar feature on their application called Threads last year and it gain a lot of popularity and the growth of Threads increased drastically, but it was not because people were interested in sending messages to their Instagram inner circle through threads but because they wanted to put automated captions on their videos and upload it to their TikTok accounts with on screen texts, so it made sense for Instagram to launch such a feature on their main application as well.

The new feature will provide better option for influencers, brands and content creators in getting their message across clearly and ensure that people can understand what they are trying to say in the lowest of volume of their phones as well. However, the captions are generated on the fact what the machine thinks you are saying so it is advised to review the texts once before posting it.

Currently some people can see the automated generator option in their stickers however once clicking on it an error message appears saying “Internal Only” which means that this is not available for the general public at the moment and is under testing and when will this feature be launched permanently for the public is unknown until Instagram further clarifies it itself but given the advanced nature of the prototype we can expect any time soon.

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