Google Play Family now offers app-specific limitations for regular maximum usage

Before children are legally allowed to make a Google account, parents let them use phones even without a Google account. At the age of 13, children are allowed to create a Google account on Android till then all their activities will be monitored by their parents whatever they do on the phone. However, giving children access to the mobile phone has some serious drastic effects. Parents have a complete power over what their children do with their phones and can impose strict use and bedtime restrictions.

Although, parents claimed that despite the apps being used extensively by the children, there are certain apps that need to be freely accessible like those required for home works. The apps that enable children to remain in contact with parents and helps in school stuff should be accessible to them every time. In response to this, Google Family Links finally accept the claim and added an option of “always allow” for the apps.

Now parents can select the apps and opt for the always allow option. The screen time for apps that will be selected for the always allow option would not be counted in the total screen time limit. If the parents have specified a time limit of apps for their kids, the always allow apps will remain accessible even after they have consumed all the permitted hours.

The always allow option is a great solution for the apps used to complete academic work including calculators, paints, and other school-related educational platforms. It is important to note that these always allowed apps will not be available to kids at bedtime. These apps will be become restricted as soon as bedtime arrives.

Nobody knows when this option became available for the very first time. But based on the Wayback Machine archives, it can be concluded that the appearance of this option is not too old this must be added recently. The related Google help change that was last updated in January does not mention any relevant update yet.

Although, this new option is a great update but there are several issues that must be addressed by Google so they can be genuinely useful for all. The time limit will be added to all devices used by kids. If the apps are not correctly selected for the always allow option then the playtime of kids will be consumed by any app opened for school projects.

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