Google has added new and improved memory saving feature in Chrome 89 for Android, Mac and Windows devices

Google has always kept their complain box open, with many users complaining about Chrome’s memory storage. Google has tried to work on this problem and bring improvements in Chrome 89. The browser’s memory usage is said to have a new look on Mac, Windows and Android as notified on the Chromium blog. Google says that the Chrome 89 was built keeping in mind to make some major improvements but the main point while developing it was to make sure that the new and improved browser has memory storage and memory discarding strong features. According to the multinational tech company, the new Chrome 89 is much smarter than the previous version of Chrome.

This will be seen in all the operating systems that make use of Google Chrome the most such as in the operating systems of Mac, Windows and Android. For Mac operating systems, it has been claimed by Mark Chang, Chrome Product Manager, that there has been an improvement in memory savings for about 65 percent.

Google developed PartitionAlloc which will serve as a memory allocator, capable of allocating bucket sizes of data in memory with partition along with providing security which is the best part about anything newly developed keeping the current times in mind. This PartitionAlloc is being placed in Chrome 89 and is in use as well, on every Android and 64-bit Windows devices. Due to the PartitionAlloc the browser responsiveness has increased to about 9 percent and a change of about 22 percent in memory savings has been observed in devices having Windows operating system.

Other much used and popular web browsers like Safari and Firefox already have such smart memory space usage features, after the endless complains that Google was receiving from its users. The update Google has released related to this and also the way it has developed and planned this whole thing is no doubt a level high than other web browsers.

Chrome 89 is reported to recover over 100 Megabytes per tab alongside discarding memory that hasn’t been much in use in the background. Users testing out the beta version have reported to have over 20 percent in memory savings and that too on some of the most popular sites out there. For Mac users especially, Google has added the JavaScript timer wakeup tab. For Android 10 users devices that have RAM of more than 8GB will see Chrome along with having an 8.5 percent of faster page load, 28 percent efficiency in scrolling and also a freeze dried tab or a lightweight tab.

All of this for various operating systems was kept in mind while developing them.

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