Facebook Research Reveals Small Number of People Responsible for Spreading False Information

Since the arrival of Covid19 a lot of misinformation was being spread both offline and online and social media companies had to step in and break the chains that were providing unauthentic information.

After this when the vaccine arrived, there were more misinformation and untrue stories related to the vaccines on internet and all the tech giants had to put in efforts in order to stop such false information from being spread on their platforms.

Apart from just misinformation, there were a lot of posts that intentionally or unintentionally made already hesitant people about taking the vaccine more scared.

Facebook when searched into vaccine hesitant beliefs on its platform found out that there was a small number of users, as per WP, which were sowing doubts and discouragements in people related to taking the vaccine and according to World Health Organization this is a not a good sign for the human race as hesitancy in taking the vaccine can lead to slow suppression in the spread of disease. Upon this the World Health Organization gave an example that the slow response of people towards the vaccination for measles though is not wholly the reason for its 30 percent increase in worldwide cases over the past few years but it sure was the reason behind its resurgence. On this WHO gave an example which lied in rather grey area, that if a person takes his vaccination shot and posts his symptoms on Facebook and writes that his symptoms were worse than he expected. For some people it will be an alert beforehand about what to expect when they get their vaccinations but for some it can be the cause of increment in their already existing fear and it can make them not take the vaccine for another long period of time. Just like this the person who had posted his symptoms could be a part of spreading vaccine hesitation.

Though Facebook has taken all the necessary steps to prevent the false and misguided information and unnecessary scares related to the vaccine. The tech giant even before the vaccine came out had started to monitor and ban posts which it thought contained misinformation related to the virus or its vaccine. In December it started to remove any post which contained false and misguided information and also notified users if they had previously interacted with such a post which contained untrue information. Apart from all this the company has taken several measures to link people with authentic concerned authorities which provide true and sourced information through their platform. According to the Facebook spokesperson Dani Lever said that the tech giant has partnered with almost 60 plus global health experts, and has studied content related to COVID-19 vaccine and other information to inform its policies, apart from all this the company routinely studies trends that may be part of conversations on its platform, such as voting, bias, hate speech, and nudity so it can continue to refine its products.

The company knows that vaccination is an important factor for the world in overcoming Covid19 and therefore vaccination hesitancy should be tackled and therefore they have already started a global campaign that has already connected 2 billion people to reliable information from health experts and remove false claims about COVID and vaccines.

Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images

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