Facebook has revealed its corporate human rights policy; the platform will publish a yearly report to highlight human rights issues

People spend a major portion of their day on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat in which they connect with other people for conversations, entertainment, and watching different types of content. However, these platforms have to face the issues of hate speech, misinformation, and content moderation. There are some groups of people who have made special accounts to spread hate speech and misinformation. For instance, during the COVID-19 pandemic, there were thousands of accounts trying to disseminate fake information related to the COVID-19 vaccine. However, in the case of human rights issues, it is not only the duty of the United Nations to talk about these issues and take some serious actions.

Facebook is one of the most influencing platforms in which the voice reaches to millions of people. Keeping in mind these duties, Facebook has revealed a new human rights policy to firm up its commitment, which is giving respect to human rights in business operations, in the development of products policies and programming. It is a basic thing to understand that human rights should not be neglected at any cost. There is a number of accounts posting the content in which human rights violation has shown, these platforms must need to take some serious actions and to ban to accounts. Facebook has not changed its content moderation policies yet but it has said that it will not focus on its human rights issues.

Facebook will further show its yearly report in which it has documented how it is addressing human rights issues relating to product, policies, and business operations. The company will also start showing the reports to the public about the most critical human rights issues it has dealt with to the board of directors. This way, the public will understand that Facebook is not quite on certain human rights-related issues as there were many allegations on this platform for doing nothing for human rights issues. Facebook will assist with securities to activists, social workers, and journalists, etc. Facebook did not say anything about the funds that it has taken aside for these projects and according to a report that it has already begun distributing the funds in Asia in the last year which means that company is taking these matters seriously.

Facebook had many allegations regarding not doing anything to prevent hate speech and misinformation. Facebook had to receive huge criticism from the general public regarding Myanmar in which hundreds of Muslims were slaughtered and thousands had to migrate, these misinformation and hate speech added fuel to fire on social media platforms.

Photo: Jeff Chiu/AP

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