Android users on yet another security alert, to watch out for apps that they install from the Google Play Store

With everything that goes on these days and the way that technology is developing. One thing that increases more risks is in our security and privacy. Users have a hard time dealing with this but can't really do much because of our ultimate dependency on these tech giant companies who come up with devices and features that help us only on the long run.

Android users are now being put on yet another alert regarding security which is to look out on apps that they download directly from the Google Play Store. As much as Google always comes up with the best of the features but sometimes the risks that come up are greater than anything in the world. CyberNews recently released a study in which they mention the apps that ask for permissions that turn out to be dangerous. Throughout the research, the team at CyberNews looked over around 1020 Android apps on the Google Play Store and found out that 36 percent of the apps out of these wanted to get hold of the Android device's camera, while 33 percent of the apps wanted to track users location. These are common ways for hackers and scammers to use the camera and location and then exploit it in their own ways. The researcher also found out that apps in the Communications, Health/Fitness and Productivity categories asked for the highest number of dangerous permissions on average.

The Google developed mobile Operating System Android is one of the best in the world and is used by many with having over 2 billion users. For users to download apps, they go directly to the Google Play Store. Statistics results from the 2020 show that there were almost 108 billion downloads from the Google Play Store. The numbers of course had to be this big as people relied more on online services whether for daily chores or for communication because of the global pandemic which made everyone stay at home.

One thing which many don't realize is that as they download more apps, they get more at risk for scammers and hackers. These scammers and hackers develop apps in such a way that when a user downloads one of their such applications, the hackers can get hold of their personal information including pictures, data, security details and much more. There have been so many cases like these where people have gotten attacked in this manner. We recently reported that Google has recently put a ban on 8 of such apps that were stealing money from the user's device without their knowledge.

In this day and age, with so many cases coming forward regarding such heinous crimes being committed through these apps. It is really important to always be on a look out.

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