Users getting annoyed by small pops up from Apple's Safari browser and the options its provides for the users

Apple is a well-known multinational American tech company who is known for its innovative products. Recently for a year or so, Apple has been in news for a while with its new updates and features for better usability for their users, but sometimes these updates and features seem to be of a more benefit to the company than to the users.

Pop-ups on your phone, tablets or laptops are usually ads or alerts that are open in your browser window. The multinational tech company that claims that its first priority are their users and to provide them with the most comfortable experience has not yet solved a problem that is annoying to many.

Safari is said to be the fastest graphical web browser by Apple and also developed by the company itself. Safari syncs all of your passwords, tabs, history, bookmarks and a lot more across Apple devices like Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple watch and whenever any of these devices are near each other all the data that is synced into Safari automatically gets passed to the other devices through Safari. Now recently, there has been a complaint from Apple users. The app notification bar that is meant to get pop ups for the users as per their interests is using the same bar for safari notifications, now this may seem a little of an issue but when you are constantly getting one notification again and again at a place that is meant to show only your notifications. Things can get a little messy, and the person getting this gets annoyed to a point where it has to delete all the pop ups from the notification bar including the important notifications.

The users say that if Apple wants them to use Safari then it should inform them about its services once and then allow a ‘never again’ option for that pop up, but instead of that Apple has the options of ‘Later’ and ‘Try now’. For someone who uses their device to get most of their work done, in other words are completely depended on their phones or other devices can easily get annoyed by this.

It must also be known that Apple has been called out for something like this in the past as well but the company has done it again. A big tech company like Apple who puts a price of so many dollars on each of their devices should work on an issue as small as this because no matter how many life changing updates its brings, if the users are easily annoyed from small things like these then those big features don’t matter at all.

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