Twitter Spaces to Perform Wider Testing and Bring About a Few Changes

Twitter Spaces is now working on wider testing for better features.

Twitter in November of last year announced that they will be launching an audio only chat room similar to Clubhouse on their application which will be called “Twitter Spaces.” This feature according to the company will allow users to express themselves more along with other people through proper conversation which they cannot do in a 280 characters’ tweet.

The feature was powered by Periscope and will allow users to create spaces to start conversations. Anybody who creates the Space, their followers will be able to join that conversation, however, who is allowed to speak will be managed by the host.

In December, the initial testing of beta versions of the features was launched. Twitter employees also created spaces to check out the features and what improvements can be made.

Clubhouse, is another audio chat application which allows users to create rooms to have conversations and since it was growing popular in some regions, Twitter decided to bring about some changes and up their game. Twitter Product Lead Kayvon Beykpour hosted a Spaces chat room on Tuesday (as per Tom Warren) to announce the wider testing of the feature that will now take place to improve the working of the newly introduced feature.

While Clubhouse only allowed people who had an invite link be able to join the conversation, Twitter has no such thing. It initially granted a space for one thousand people to join a conversation, but after some improvements it has exceeded the limit to three thousand more people. All the beta testers will get an access to form private or public spaces to start group conversations and anybody who follows the beta tester will be able join the conversation.

Apart from this, it was known before that Twitter Spaces was only available for people who had an iOS which means you can only join or start a space or conversation if you have an Apple phone. However, that is changing now, because very recently an official Twitter Spaces account posted that it will be working towards making this feature available for Android users as well because it will increase the availability as well as usage of the features.

Though Clubhouse was recently banned in China because according to the Chinese government it disobeyed country's censorship that appealed to several Chinese users, but the app is growing rapidly in some parts of United States. Though Twitter launched its “Twitter Spaces” at such a time when the rival app is on the roll, we still cannot wait to see how well the feature will do for the company.

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