LastPass Pushing Users to Switch to Premium Services

LastPass for the longest of times have provided users the ability to store their as many passwords as they like on as many devices as they want and it has always been the first name to come in mind when recommending a Password Manager application, precisely because of its efficient working, availability on a number of devices and for the fact that it is free!

The software has served for years to the public but things are about to change now. LogMeIn which is the company behind this software just announced that they are bringing a few big but necessary changes in the software.

The software from March 16th onwards will provide a more limited set of features for the free users on the app. As previously, the software provided you the ability to log in through a number of devices that will change now. You will now be able to log in either through a computer of your mobile device, which can be either your cell phone, tablet or watches. After March 16th, through whichever device you have login to LastPass first will be set as your default device, but you will still have three opportunities or chances to switch between devices to see what will work best for you. However, while logging out of a few devices while changing your default device your data or any credentials will be safe and not lost because the passwords are backed up by cloud.

These will just be the initial changes. After that two months later staring from May 17th, a further set of changes will be initiated in the app. Free users will be grounded to looking for help through the support center or the community forum while the email support will only be accessible to the Premium or Family users. The company is encouraging people to join their premium services or family services, which honestly are of quite reasonable prices of 3 and 4 dollars a month respectively. This will give you access to log in through a bunch of devices as well as provide you better opportunities and more amazing features. The free users who upgrade to the premium services before the change is set in action are expected to receive a 25 percent off on their subscription fees for an entire first year.

The question as to why LastPass is doing this? Well, the digital world is evolving and so is the community dependent on LastPass for the security of their passwords. As of now 20 million people around the world are dependent on the software and therefore to ensure they are provided with the best of quality the company had to bring about a few changes.

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