Researchers have shown that even debiasing cannot remove racism from hate speeches

Debiasing is a way in which an intellectual thought or knowledge is reduced. Researchers have shown that debiasing has not in any way reduced hate speech and racism all around in the world. With the world forever evolving and growing, one thing where everyone is getting behind is that sense of empathy towards others. The main reason for this hate speech and toxicity towards other people of race or color is because of the lack of decency that is there in people. This isn’t expected to go away soon because world leaders who many people look up to also have a trait of this inside themselves.

Online and social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram and many more are also a part of this toxic system. Research has shown that these platforms show a type of behavior that is judgmental and this creates differences between people of color and race.

Jigsaw, a technology owned by Google claims that it has taken actions towards racism. Researchers from the Allen Institute analyzed the recent approaches of debiasing to see if this can reduce the toxicity on language or not. They came up with two methods to reduce the hate speech, one method involves with a training that can provide filtering through texts that might mislead towards hate speech and the second approach involves tackling lexical and dialectal biases. The results showed that lexical biases are somewhat related to profanity and dialectal biases are equal just as with the language variants example: African American English.

The researchers express their views on how challenging both of these approaches are, and when going through with these methods they saw of how certain texts were marked as toxic. This even made words and sentences from Black authors more toxic than white authors. The researchers also said that even translating Black American English to white English will completely rob away the beauty that lies between these two languages. The researchers said that even though both these methods are challenging, they should be marked as the first step towards making this environment safe and secure for everyone no matter their race or color.

Even if no one comes in with a solution for this problem, we all should learn to accept everyone as they are and embrace them. This is a problem that has gone on for too long now and even after so many years of world development, this issue still lies.

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