In 2020, Google paid a total of $6.7 million to researchers and hackers for their security services

Google, the American based multinational company that is known to be as one of the biggest tech giant in the world, pays researchers and people in academics every year who willingly work on projects and provide google with the support that keeps the company thriving.

Google also runs a program every year named the bug bounty program, which was launched in November of 2010, the program allows individual researchers to spot any issues which they can detect and then submit those to Google, the company in return will pay them in return for their services. In short, google pays researchers to improve usability for their users. This helps the company and its products acquire more security. As a proof Google also publishes the numbers of cash it pays to the researchers every year. The company just published their annual data of 2020. The pay depends on the type of work each individual does but typically Google pays $75 per hour to a researcher.

The bug bounty program also gives opportunities and the motivation to individual researches to not only find bugs in the system but also disclose them properly in a proper way to Google so that they can rectify those defects.

Around 662 researchers from 62 countries were paid with the highest person who was able to detect the most of these vulnerabilities got paid around $130K in total. Google paid about $1.74 million to the researchers, who reported some issues on Android and also to those who spotted difficulties in Android 11’s developer preview program. For Chrome’s fragility, Google paid $2.1 and Google Pay paid out a total of $270,000.

In total Google paid a total sum of $6.7 million in 2020, this sum has increased by a number of $200 grand from 2019 which witnessed a raise of only $3.1 million. Google released these documents in categories.

Along with this, Google has also paid millions of dollars to British and American universities to conduct researches which could in return benefit the multinational tech company and also influence people to devour their public opinions towards their favors.

Google announced last year that since launching its bug bounty program, it has paid a total of $21 million to individuals who provided their services to them.

For individual researchers getting paid this big is a small victory itself. Every year the pay google gives doubles and for individual and independent researchers Google will continue to pay them like this in return if the researchers keep on detecting flaws in the google system and help them rectify it.

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