Google's Play Store Redesign Will Make It Easier For You To Find Apps

It seems like the design spree is not coming to an end any time soon for Google as along with the series of UI changes in the apps, some leak pictures have now shown that the company is also trying out new ways to update the Play Store as well.

We saw Google Maps with all-important incremental updates during the pandemic and while some of the experiments by Google within their apps haven’t seen the daylight, one thing is for sure that the developers work hard continuously to make the experience even better for its consumers on different platforms.

Now according to the latest piece of news coming from the Google headquarters, Play Store, will have a new settings menu that will make the app much cleaner and easy to navigate for users to find their favorite apps.

The update was first spotted by Android Police and as per the information provided by them, the new settings menu in the Play Store will be based on four sections like General, User Controls, Family, About and further options can be expanded according to the need of the customer. One can feel that this might be an extra step to find things within the store but overall, it looks like to be a good move to refreshen up the world’s largest digital app store in terms of users.

However, this isn’t the only redesign update that took place in the Play Store in recent times. There were more test images revolving around the internet during last October which showed that Google had plans to remove the hamburger menu and replace it with Play Store menu within the user thumbnail. This does make a lot of sense considering Google's plan to shift towards a gesture-based navigation system and hamburger menus in such a scenario can make access a bit difficult.

A very small group of users have had the chance to try out the new changes on the Play Store and since Google is expected to take time with their tweaks, all of us may have to wait a bit more to see our favorite app store getting a redesign.

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