Google’s famous scroll to text feature will now be applicable for top free product box listings results as well

Last year in June in Chrome 88 version, Google came up with feature called scroll to text feature for its users. The feature made it easier for its users to find information, the feature is that when you would search for something, Google will take you to a page where all the results are there, and then when you scroll down, Google has the relevant information highlighted in yellow. The users scrolls down and finds the relevant information quick by that highlighted specific content on the page. Now, something is on the works in the scroll to search department on Google and it has been reported that the search giant is revising this feature and is making it available for other search results as well.

This feature works on any type of website whether existing or new and adds a new way through which users can go through their direct answers on the search engine results on a web page rather than the links at the top of the page.

This expansion in feature was discovered by Brodie Clark. He tweeted this on Twitter, while also providing with the screen shots as a proof for it. The highlighted snippets will now also be there in URLS as well. He also reported that Google is also expanding their base on knowledge panel sources as most of the business websites have a greater source to providing information in knowledge panels as Wikipedia is now absent mostly.

Brodie Clark reported that he saw this earlier this week as well when he started seeing small signs of the featured snipped appearing in the google search console. He saw that the highlighted snippets were there in URLs as well and that is something quite rare in websites.

He also presented with examples that showed that the website in the knowledge panel has scroll to text fragments attached to the URL.

And now, Google is expanding the scroll to text feature and also has featured snippets showing scroll to text feature in some product listings box as well which is only applicable in the US at the moment.

This feature might be more of a use to some people but Google still has yet to announce an official statement related to this.

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