Google’s application ‘Drive File Stream’ now renamed to ‘Drive for desktop’, will get new features which is to replace ‘Back up and Sync’

Google released two new applications to replace the Google Drive app in order to separate content for personal use and business use. For those who wish to have all their content backup up to cloud and to easily have access over their files in Drive and images in Google Photos, Google had ‘Backup and Sync’ developed (for personal use), and for teams (business use) Google developed ‘Drive File Stream’ so that all the files can have access from the Drive directly to any Mac or PC, without using any disk space. Google renamed the ‘Drive File Stream’ to ‘Drive for desktop’ last month.

This was renamed so as to place the first step towards unifying these two applications. 9to5 google recently reported on 4th Feb, 2021 that Drive for desktop will be replacing Backup and Sync in 2021. Backup and Sync has the feature where it offers Google photos upload. Google is planning to plant this feature in Drive for desktop as well. The reason for this is that google workplace customers said that managing these two applications have been challenging for end users and for the IT department. Thus google has decided to merge these two applications later till 2021 to bring out most of the features used from both ‘Drive File Stream’ and ‘Backup and Sync’ in ‘Google Drive for desktop’ to the users.

The previous application ‘Drive File Stream’ now named ‘Google Drive for desktop’ will get a feature allowing their users to back up their photos and videos to Google Photos and also connect USB storage, but this is not only feature which will be replacing Backup and sync. Other most liked and of course most used features will be included as well such as multi account access, syncing local folders to Google Drive as well as enabling regular users to be able to sync their personal files to My Drive for offline use, allow dark mode, and also use Microsoft Office.

The app Drive File Stream will get all the updates this year and renaming it is just a part of the branding process, the people using Backup and Sync currently will automatically get the shift to the new drive for desktop, Google will announce before making this transition and will help their users to get comfortable with the new application. Google is planning to give 3 months deadline to Google Workplace admins and end users to shift to the new application.

Google has planned to do this only to reduce the confusion that is increasing day by day in the IT department and to also provide their users with the best.

Photo: SOPA Images via Getty Images
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