Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok are now chasing hackers involved in the selling hijacked accounts, especially on OGUsers forum

Many of the accounts of such platforms were hijacked and sold by taking a lot of money. The people who are involved in the hijacking of accounts sell these accounts with a desirable username, they take complete control of people’s accounts and change their passwords and usernames. According to a report by KrebsOnSecurity, more than a hundred thousand accounts were hijacked from these social media platforms and sold on a good amount. As per the survey report, the American people are ever more worried than their lives about the hijacking of their private information. Keeping in view the users’ satisfaction, the social media platforms like Facebook/Instagram, Twitter and TikTok have decided to take at people who are involved in reselling hijacked accounts. If these platforms become successful in grabbing such people, these platforms can also investigate the hackers if they are a third person.

OGUsers is a forum which deals with the people involved in trading hijacked accounts of social networks and other types of online platforms. According to a survey report of KrebsOnSecurity, the usernames with a small name are mostly expensive, these usernames can be sold for more than 1000 dollars.

However, the social media platforms are trying their best to seize the hijacked accounts so that the victims might not get in trouble. Recently, Facebook has seized more than hundreds of accounts on Instagram that were hacked from authentic users through intimidation, SIM swapping, or blackmailing. Further, Facebook’s target is to seize the accounts of key sellers on OGUsers and the people’s accounts who were involved in the advertisement of such accounts.

These platforms are taking these kinds of actions for the first time; however, no one is sure that these actions could reduce the activities of the hijacking of accounts, but yes it could possibly improve such efforts to controlling the hijacking of accounts. These efforts can also put the buyers of such accounts in danger and could reduce the trading up to some extent.

The social media platforms want to take people’s trust that they are doing enough to stop such activities, as the Spokesperson of Facebook has told that they are hopeful that these actions can stop the activity of trading of hijacked accounts. These hackers hijack the accounts of Instagram users through blackmailing, harassing, or extortion, etc. he further said that if we have to take further actions, we will not shy to take such actions.

Recently, Instagram has introduced a folder where you can restore your data if your account is hijacked by somebody.

Twitter said that it is also working on such a matter with Facebook, further, it is investigating the hijacked accounts. These traders will find no place to trade such accounts after such actions.

TikTok has also confirmed to take necessary actions against the members of OGUsers.

Photo: Bill Hinton / Getty Images

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