Facebook is bringing some experimental features for Quest 2 headsets including multi-user support and an app sharing feature with multiple accounts

Facebook has recently announced some experimental features that it has begun rolling out for Oculus Quest 2 users. There is now going to be multiuser support available for Quest 2 headsets, and the company is experimenting with adding additional account members logged on one device too. The feature will allow the primary account holder to add a maximum of three more accounts to their device. Moreover, the primary account holder will be able to share some apps with these accounts, all connected to one device, and these additional accounts will also be able to access the apps that the primary account holder uses.

Also, an important thing to remember is that apps can only be shared by a primary account holder with accounts that are logged in to a Quest device.

This app sharing feature will have some limitations though as not all the apps allow sharing as such. For example, if a game is not allowed to be accessed or shared by the other accounts, they will have to buy their copies if they want to enjoy those games. All the new apps in the Quest App Store will have app sharing support. The existing apps may or may not have the support though.

As of now, these features are just a part of an experiment and can be subjected to more changes and modifications as deemed necessary by the company. Also, for now, these features are exclusively available for Oculus Quest 2 only. However, Facebook aims to expand them to all Quest users later on once they are proved to be successful enough.

Since August 2020, Facebook instated a controversial rule that asked the users of Oculus to log in to their Oculus headsets from their Facebook accounts only. People found it odd and unnecessary, but the rule still applies to all the users who want to sign into the Quest headset. According to Facebook, this will allow the users to control how they show up in virtual reality. This is especially helpful for people who do not want their real identities to be shown in virtual reality.

Facebook expands the users’ privacy in Oculus so that if they do not want other people to find them out through their Facebook ids, they may be able to achieve that through the ‘Only Me’ privacy changes in their Oculus Quest 2 settings.

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