Apple has finally taken a step to secure App Store from ‘rip-off’ scam apps that were tricking the iOS users to pay a large sum in the name of the subscription

Apple has finally taken a stance to crack down on such apps that were charging a high price but do not have the quality features to justify the amount they were receiving from the users. Apple values the money of its users. If Apple company thinks that a developer is charging a high price for their app or in-app purchases and does not provide such quality service for which they are charging a large sum, these kinds of apps does not have a place, and the company will reject the inclusion from the App Store.

These are the details of an unknown developer who has received an email from Apple in which it is clearly written that charging an irrationally high price for content and services with a limited quality value is a rip-off to customers, and does not have a place on the App Store. One of the reasons for the clear rejection from Apple is these developers are damaging the prestige of Apple company that many users were complaining before that Apple is not taking any action against such scam apps because Apple is taking a big share by promoting a low-quality content. Many customers were expecting the App Store to be safe and a trusted marketplace for purchasing, digital goods, and quality content. It is very important for the users that the price of an app should be fairly charged to offer utility.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple sent an email to the unknown developer to re-price the app that suits the quality of the content and services and then resubmit the approval. We all know that the price of in-app purchase is cheaper than the software was in the days before the App Store. However, only a few apps were charging an extremely high price, while others are charging a reasonable amount.

When an app charges a lot, it happens because these apps have niche appeal and therefore, they charge a large amount from few customers rather than charging a large customer base comparatively lesser amount. Apple has decided to remove a $300k per month scam apps from the App Store, charging exorbitant subscription fees to unsuspecting users.

According to a recent Sensor Tower report, the subscription of the apps has increased a lot over the past few years and an average person in the US spends almost $20.78 per month on the app subscription.

However, Apple considers it important to have complete control over the prices of apps so that users receive the better quality service at a justified price, which will build the trust of iOS users and ultimately will help to sell as many units of each app as possible for the company.

Photo: Mason Trinca / Reuters

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